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Dec 28, 2017

Light bulb (or electric ball), its precise technical name is incandescent, is a lamp that is heated to incandescent by electric resistance Ephah silk thread (modern usually tungsten wire). The outer bulb is made of glass, keeping the filament under a vacuum or low pressure inert gas to prevent the filament from oxidizing at elevated temperatures. The light bulb is generally believed to have been invented by American Tommas Edison. But if serious textual criticism, another American Henry Gos (Heinrich Göbel) than Edison decades ago invented the same principles and materials. In 1801, David, the British chemist, lit up the platinum wire, and he invented the candle in 1810, using the electric arc lighting between the two carbon rods. 1854 Henry Gos using a carbonized bamboo wire, placed in a vacuum glass bottle under the power of light. His invention today appears to be the first practical incandescent lamp. He had been experimenting with a light bulb for 400 hours, but had no immediate application for a design patent.

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