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Incandescent Bulb
Dec 28, 2017

Incandescent bulb is the earliest artificial electric light source, it is the use of filament power heating light-emitting principle of luminescence.

In general, incandescent light bulbs are less luminous efficiency and shorter life, but more convenient to use.

Humans have been using incandescent bulbs for 128 of years, mentioned incandescent, we naturally think of the big inventor Edison, in order to find the material of incandescent filament, tested more than 6,000 kinds of materials, and finally with Conté silk test the first real sense of the incandescent, the use of 45 hours after the filament to fuse, After the continuous improvement of Edison and later, the incandescent lamp has more than 3,000 hours of life today.

The research of Langmuir on the interaction between gas and metal surface makes the practical application of incandescent lamp become a reality. GE's renowned scientists William Coolidge and Irving Langmuir perfected the ductile tungsten metal manufacturing technology for incandescent bulbs, winding them into filaments to reduce heat loss and preventing the bulbs from blackening by using inert gases. It is the study of materials that led to the incandescent light bulb and the application of materials science and engineering in the industry.

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