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LED filament Manufacturing introduction
Jan 25, 2018

LED filament manufacturing introduction

As a most professional LED filament manufacturer in China, we hold the most mature maunfacturing technology of led filament.

First of all, please look at the figure of a led filament construction.

filament manufacturing process.jpg

First, two electrodes connect both ends of the substrate. substrate is divided into two types, ceramic and sapphirine.

Then, LED chips uniformily bonded on the substrate,and welding the gold to conect these little chips.

There are three types of led chips, blue LED chip, green LED chip, red LED chip.

The last step, coating phosphor. There are two ways to coat the phosphor, half coat and full coat.

The phosphor coating is critical to the CRI performance and safety of the led filament lights.  

Improper coating of the phosphor can induce leakage of the blue LED light, which can be harmful to the retina as some reports have suggested. 

First generation LED lamps are typically built with large size LEDs, then they are driven with high current for maximum performance.  Filament LED designs achieve even better performance than their traditional LED lamp counterparts by under driving many smaller, low power LED chips. The result is less heat, better efficacies, and sleeker designs with no heat sink needed.  First generation LED lamps, on the other hand, need large heat sinks, which in addition to adding cost, also interrupt the flux geometry, which is why traditional LED lamps can never provide a true 360 degree flux geometry. 

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