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The future development trend of China's lighting industry
Dec 28, 2017

Many lighting companies are very confused, why the spokesperson please, CCTV ads hit, but the market effect is generally? This is because they have not grasped the dynamic characteristics of the communication environment.

Since the advent of the Internet, the entire media environment has undergone tremendous changes, the spread has entered the era of mixed media. In the mixed media era, a single, one-way, indoctrination of the form of transmission has been outdated, replaced by two-way communication. How to use the dissemination value of the Internet, with the traditional media to carry out three-dimensional marketing, will become an important enterprise brand marketing lessons. Thankfully, there are already some lighting companies that are beginning to realize the value of the Internet. NVC lighting in the forefront of the lighting marketing. 2010 Early NVC lighting commissioned DM network integration Marketing agencies began to promote the network services, the market response is excellent. SEO optimization only + keyword marketing services, the powerful occupation of Internet users into the portal. Before, the store sales are basically 100,000/month (off-season), 10.3 million/month (peak season), network sales do not have turnover. After the promotion, only the network sales turnover increased by 75,000 in June, almost accounted for the traditional store sales of two-thirds, in the middle of July only the network sales sales have reached 50,000.

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