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The invention of the bulb
Dec 28, 2017

Bulb Dēngpào (bulb), the first use of which is known to be Henry Goebbels of the United States. And the most famous inventor is the American scientist Alva, everyone knows Edison on October 21, 1879, the success of the bulb trial.

In the process of development, Alva carefully analyzed the gas and arc lamps at the time, his main direction is to find a heat-resistant material. It burns to its white-hot level by electric currents and emits hot light without breaking or melting. He happened to find cotton in the air in a flash burned to ashes, and carbon cotton into the treated glass ball is emitted a blazing light. It was a pity that the light had only been maintained for a few minutes before it disappeared. He mistakenly gave up the experiment, and instead tried 1,600 different heat-resistant materials, such as Cesium, nickel, platinum (Platinum), and platinum-iridium alloys, with little harvest.

Alva back to carbon research. In October of that year he experimented with a length of 20 centimeters and a diameter of 0. 15 cm of carbon rods, its heat resistance to 5. 5 hours, he was constantly improving the carbonation method and pumping treatment.

On the day of October 21, 1879, he used a 1-centimetre-diameter 0.025-centimeter cotton thread as a filament for its luminous brightness and stability, with 4 candlelight illumination, 1 hours, 2 hours ... It was bright for 45 hours. After more than 1 years of effort and thousands of trials, the long-awaited Electric Light was finally born.

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