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Tungsten Halogen of bulb
Dec 28, 2017

The life of the bubble is longer than the average tungsten bubble, but the price is also more expensive. Tungsten Halogen lamp produced by light clues than ordinary tungsten bubble white more close to natural daylight.

Halogen lamps have two styles: High volt type, which is usually used only on the sky lamp, the other is low volt number type, and many are used for downward lighting projection lamp. Both bulbs can adjust the light.

Can adjust the intensity of halogen lamp for the general family is particularly practical, because these lamps are sleek, light projected upward to the ceiling or wall and then reflected down, the lighting effect is soft. Halogen at least light bulbs are smaller and more power-saving, so often used in the spotlight, into the upward or downward projection light lighting.

One of the main advantages of halogen lamps is that the maximum light energy can be emitted from the filament of a needle. Therefore, the shape of the lamp can become very smooth, mini, save more space.

Because it is very power-saving, halogen bulbs are widely used in store lighting-you can distinguish them from tiny blinking bulbs.

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