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Why is a bulb called A19 and A60 at the same time
Jan 25, 2018

Why is a bulb called A19 and A60 at the same time

  Many people who are just know the led bulb light will have a question about the name of the bulb.

Why is a bulb can be called two different name, and how these two name connected?

Here is the answer that will help you much.

Let's take the A19/A60 for example.

In the led lighting industry, A19 is usually used at the US market, and A60 are used at europe market.

19 stand for that 19 times of 1/8 inches, which when transferd to mm unit, it will become 60mm.

Let's calculate!

        19 * 1/8 * 25.4 ≈ 60mm

That't why a A19 bulb can also be called A60 bulb.

So on and so forth, G25 called G80, G30 called G95, G40 called G125.

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