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Why is the led lamp the most cost-effective?
Mar 30, 2018

Why is the led lamp the most cost-effective?

Have you ever had this kind of confusion? When you went to a supermarket to shop a lamp, there are too many types for you, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp,LED lamp with different price. So which one is perfect for you? How to choose that?

LED lamp is the most cost-effective.

Just from the price point of view, buying an led lamp equivalent to buying 15 inceandescent lamp, and buying a fluorescent lamp equivalent to buying 9 incandescent lamp.Buying LED lights is obviously not as good as energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps.However, taking into account the power consumption and lamp life and other factors, the LED lamp lighting life is calculated as 15,000 hours, equivalent to 15 incandescent lamps or the sum of 3 energy-saving lamps. In terms of power consumption, incandescent lamps need to consume 600 kWh, energy-saving lamps are 115.5 kwh, and LED lamps are only 69 kwh.

And the LED lamp lifespan can reach up to 25000 hours. which is a height that the incandescent bulb can't reach.

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