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Application Of Thermal Effect Of Current
Dec 05, 2018

On the one hand, using the thermal effect of electric current can serve for human production and life. For example, in incandescent lamps, due to the power after tungsten wire temperature rise to the extent of white heat, so part of the heat: to convert into light. Give off light. On the other hand, the thermal effect of current also has some disadvantages. When a large current passes through the wire and the wire is not thick enough, a large amount of heat will be generated, which will damage the insulation performance of the wire, lead to a short circuit of the line and cause electrical fire. To avoid overheating of conductors, authorities have set a maximum allowable current (safe current) for conductors of various sections. The larger the cross section of the wire, the greater the current allowed to pass through it. (the greater the resistance of the conductor, the smaller the current passing through the conductor, and the longer the electrification time, the more significant the thermal effect of the current will be)

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