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Characteristics Of Incandescent Lamps
Dec 28, 2017

Energy characteristics

Energy properties can be described by luminous efficiency. Only a small fraction of the energy consumed by the incandescent light converts to visible radiation, a large portion of which is converted to infra-red or lost. The luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps is about 13%.

Voltage characteristics

The filament temperature, current, power, luminous flux, light effect and life span of incandescent lamp are changed exponentially with the change of voltage, and the variation rule is described by the characteristic exponent. Fig. 3 shows the voltage variation characteristic curve of the incandescent lamp.


Usually refers to the time when the new incandescent lamp began to be used to break the wire, or the light to keep in the specified luminous flux value of the ignition time. Incandescent lamp power supply voltage changes on the life of the light, usually more than the power of the lamp, 750 h, the luminous flux maintenance rate can be more than 85%, in hundreds of milliseconds to a few seconds of lights and off the cycle of the instantaneous current, can make the lamp life shortened 2%~8%.

Working characteristics

The filament deformation, the purity of the filling gas, the composition of the residual gas in the lamp and the size of the glass shell are related to the luminous flux of the lamp during the ignition process.