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Composition Of Incandescent Lamps
Dec 28, 2017

Incandescent lamp, mainly by the glass shell, filament, wire, sense column, lamp and other components.

The glass shell is made of spherical shape, the material is heat-resisting glass, it separates the filament from the air, and protects the light. When the incandescent lamp works, the temperature of the glass shell can be up to 100 ℃.

Filament: is a much thinner than the hair of the tungsten wire, made of spiral. It seems that the filament is very short, in fact, this very thin spiral-shaped tungsten wire into a straight line, this line is 1 meters long.

The tungsten filament in the incandescent lamp is afraid of air. If the glass shell is filled with air, then after the electricity, the tungsten wire temperature rises to 2000 ℃ above, the air will mercilessly launch the attack, causes it quickly to burn off, simultaneously produces a kind of yellow and white tungsten trioxide, attaches in the glass shell interior wall and the lamp inside the component.

Conductor: Two wire on the surface is very simple, in fact, by the inner conductor, du Mei Wire and the outer conductor of three components. The inner conductor is used for conducting and fixing the filament, which is made of copper wire or nickel-plated wire, and a short red wire in the middle is called Dumeth, requiring it to be closely combined with the glass without leaking; the outer wire is the copper wire, the task is to connect the lamp to power.

Sense column: A horn-shaped glass part is a sense column, which is attached to the glass shell and acts as a fixed metal part. The exhaust pipe is used to pump the air out of the glass shell, then the lower end is sealed and the lamp is not leaking.