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Current Status Of Application Of Incandescent Lamp
Dec 28, 2017

1, promote the application of efficient lighting products;

2, the promotion of lighting-saving, to achieve the goal of lighting power saving 10%, is expected to 2010 lighting power saving cumulative 103.2 billion kw h;

3, through energy-saving, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by 2010 the cumulative emission reduction of 1.3 million tons of carbon dioxide;

4, improve the quality and level of efficient lighting products, expand production capacity and export volume;

5, improve public awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, a clearer understanding of the benefits of efficient lighting systems.

One of the measures is to strictly limit the low light efficiency of ordinary incandescent lamp applications: This has become the world's common requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction.

The general use of fluorescent lamps, mainly from the town to replace incandescent light bulbs, in some switches frequently, requirements dimming, there are special decoration requirements of the site, as well as key lighting in the mall, it is advisable to choose halogen lamp.