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Dimmable Application
Jan 09, 2019

As countries officially began to ban incandescent lamps, the Chinese government has also strongly supported LED lighting, and the LED lighting application market has ushered in tremendous development opportunities. LED dimming has higher energy efficiency and a wider range of applications.

1, the hotel, hotel lighting using LED dimming products, or in the lobby, or in the guest room, to bring a different feeling to the customer, in addition to saving energy, but also full of luxury and warmth, to the owners In terms of LED, the personalized light environment can fully demonstrate the strength of the company.

2, coffee shop, bar is a leisure and entertainment place after people busy work, it can make people think quietly, so the lighting effect, light and darkness is extremely important, LED dimmable spotlights and LED adjustable light Lamps are widely used.

3, home decoration: the hall is equipped with LED dimmable lights to meet the different light requirements of the owner.

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