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Heat Pipe Technology Cooling LED Lights
Jun 27, 2018

British inventor James dyson, the son of jack dyson has just released one of his research results: the use of LED lighting lamps and lanterns for cooling, heat pipe technology to allow them to achieve a more sustained, stable lighting effect.

The technology is said to have taken jack dyson and the engineering team behind him ten years. Previously, heat pipe cooling technology was used mainly for cooling satellites and processors, and no one had ever thought of using it for civilian lighting. Adopted the technology of the CSYS lamps with built-in eight interval 8 mm of high power LED lamp bead, and can do 8 mm, densely packed so finally achieved output 648 lux in 1 square meters space illumination (about several times of ordinary incandescent lamp) parameters, and a life of 144000 hours of continuous high brightness output. Although LED luminescent particles are greatly reduced compared with traditional lighting lamps, some high-brightness models still produce high working temperature, which will have a significant impact on the service life in the long term. General LED lighting lamps and lanterns is more used in the traditional passive metal heat sink, while the general brightness will be a problem, but if you want to use high brightness and high brightness of LED components, cooling effect and can't guarantee. The basic principle of the technology is to install a copper tube with a vacuum seal along the horizontal light frame inside the lamp. Seal a drop of water in each sealed copper tube. When the lamp is turned on, the heat generated by the LED changes the water in the pipe into steam. Under the action of pressure difference, the steam starts to move along the pipe. Once the steam reaches the cooling zone of the copper tube, it condenses again and turns back water, dissipating the heat energy. The water is then sucked back into the LED, and the cooling cycle begins again.

CSYS lights use 3 axisglide three axis positioning design, tube can move along the low friction bearing vertical and horizontal, zinc base alloy counterweight is able to rotate 360 ° is smooth. In addition, the product also supports non-polar dimming, automatic brightness memory Settings. The product still has landing and desk two kinds of styles.