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Incandescent Filament
Jan 02, 2019

The filament of an incandescent lamp is very thin, about one-tenth to twenty-oneth of that of an electric furnace wire. The filament is wound into a double helix, and the pitch between the filaments is small, so that it is convenient to concentrate heat, so that the current is generated by the filament. Heat, the filament temperature is quickly reached above 2500 ° C, and this temperature is maintained, the filament is in an incandescent state, and the filament emits white light outward. Although the filament converts the consumed electrical energy into heat to maintain the incandescent state of the filament, the incandescent filament converts only 7% to 8% of the electrical energy into light, but this part of the light is visible light, much stronger than the visible light converted by the electric furnace wire. Times.