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LED Energy-saving Bulb Advantages
May 28, 2018

(1) high luminous efficiency, i.e., luminous efficiency, refers to the ratio of the luminous flux emitted by a light source to the electric power consumed. The number of lumens per watt or LM/W can be expressed (luminous flux: refers to the amount of light emitted by the light source in unit time, which is an important indicator to measure the brightness of the lamp, expressed as LM). Compared with ordinary bulbs, CFLS have a luminous efficiency of 5-6 times, for example, the light flux of 11W energy-saving lamps is equivalent to that of 60W incandescent bulbs. Energy-saving lamps with high quality material by built-in energy-saving ballasts earth tricolor fluorescent tubes, its light stability, clear and natural light, more than 20% higher than that of ordinary straight tube fluorescent light efficiency, accord with the requirement of modern indoor lighting.

(2) long life the term "life span" refers to the accumulated time of a finished lamp from ignition to "burn down" or when the lamp is working below any requirement of the life performance specified in the standard. Standard incandescent bulbs have a rated life of 1,000 hours and compact fluorescent bulbs typically last 5,000 hours.

(3) the light source with good color rendering and various steps will display different light colors. Color rendering index was used to determine the range from 0 to 100. The color index for incandescent bulbs and daytime is 100. The level of the display index directly reflects the color rendering quality of light. The higher the color rendering index of light is, the more real the color of the object under its irradiation can be. On the contrary, it will distort the color of the object. Generally speaking, as long as the color index of light is greater than 75, it can truly reflect the color of the object without distortion. The compact fluorescent lamp USES rare earth tricolor fluorescent powder, its color rendering index is about 80RA, the color rendering performance of ordinary fluorescent lamp is significantly improved.

(4) compact size, beautiful shape, easy to use. Because compact fluorescent lamp has higher power load, its volume is small and beautiful, also have better adornment effect. The specifications of integrated energy-saving lamps are basically the same as that of ordinary bulbs, so they can be used directly instead of ordinary bulbs. Energy-saving lamps by ballast heat lamp filament, around 1160 k temperature, filament, began to launch electronic electronic collision inelastic collision argon atoms, argon atomic energy obtained after impact and the impact of mercury atom, mercury atomic ionization produced after absorbing energy transition, 253.7 nm ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet stimulate phosphor luminescence. Because the filament temperature of fluorescent lamp is around 1160K when working, it is much lower than that of incandescent lamp, which is between 2200K and 2700K. Since it does not have the current thermal effect of incandescent lamps, the energy conversion efficiency of fluorescent powder is also high, reaching over 50 lumens per watt.