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Led Energy Saving Lamp Classification
Dec 07, 2018

 LED energy-saving lamps are rich in variety, and there are basically three types in the market:

One type: 

LED energy-saving lamps made of straw-type low-power LEDs, the power supply adopts a RC circuit.

The second category: 

LED energy-saving lamps made of 3528 or 5050 SMD medium- and low-power LEDs, the power supply is also commonly used to resist the capacitance and step-down circuit, and some manufacturers use constant current circuits. Compared with straw hat type LEDs, the SMD LED heat dissipation is slightly better. There is a heat-conducting substrate, and a part of the heat can be led out by the aluminum substrate.

Three types: 

LED energy-saving lamps made of high-power SMD LEDs, the power supply generally uses a constant current isolation circuit, that is, there is a constant current, such as 5W LED, usually using 5 1 watt LED chips, connected in series, using constant The current source of 300mA is supplied, and the wide voltage power supply makes the current not change when the power grid fluctuates. The luminous flux is kept constant. The five chip LEDs are soldered on the aluminum substrate, and the aluminum substrate is combined with the heat sink to use heat. Dissipate in time and quickly to ensure that the temperature of the LED chip is lower than the allowable junction temperature of the LED, thus ensuring the true and effective life of the LED energy-saving lamp. Such LED lamps are expensive and of good quality, and are also the development direction of LED energy-saving lamps.