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LED Lights For Commercial Use
Jun 06, 2018

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people have higher and higher requirements on business space. Lighting is an important part of store space. Lighting design can attract and guide consumers' attention.

Through the space shape of light environment, create a fascinating exhibition space and the display image, use a variety of lighting techniques to show store theme image, let a person produce lenovo, arouse the resonance of the consumers, to establish communication with consumers emotional communication.

1. Food store

Food stores are divided into counter and stand counter sales modes by the difference of food placement, and different lighting modes are also different. Because the size of the food itself is small, color is relatively rich, its lighting intensity and color display requirements are high. Grocery stores are generally divided into counter sales area, cashier area and channel area.

Recommended product configuration: counter sales area: counter sales area: cashier area: channel area:

2. West point

The west point store mainly deals with bread and cake, which requires high color on display, emphasizes bright color, fresh color and other factors, and has high requirements on lighting. Besides meeting the above key factors, a comfortable shopping environment is also needed. At the same time, for the dining area derived from west point store, lighting should consider both the function, dining and leisure atmosphere.

Recommended product configuration: display area: cashier area: passageway area: dining area:

3. Communication store

The terminal mode of communication industry is divided into two types: one is hypermarket, the other is specialty store, and the other is sold as counter. Function is divided into: channel area, counter and sales area.

A single brand has sales function and carries brand promotion and service function, which can be divided into sales area, entrance image area, experience area and after-sales service area.