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Modern Bulbs
Nov 29, 2018

Modern bulbs use inert gas, usually argon, which greatly reduces this loss of tungsten. When a tungsten atom evaporates, it collides with an argon atom and since inert gases usually don't react with other elements, there is no combustion reaction. Cheap and easy to use, light bulbs have proved a huge success. Light bulbs are still the most popular lighting option indoors. But it will eventually give way to more advanced technology, which is less energy-efficient. Most of the energy emitted by incandescent bulbs comes in the form of visible photons in the thermal infrared -- only about 10 percent of the light produced is visible. It wastes a lot of electricity. Warm light sources, such as fluorescent and LED lights, do not waste Dali energy to generate heat and emit most visible light. As a result, they will gradually replace light bulbs.