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technological innovation
Jun 25, 2018

The company pays great attention to technological innovation. It not only brings together the best talents in the industry to provide comprehensive and in-depth services for customers, but also sets up a provincial enterprise technology center. Technology center consists of new material, encapsulation technology laboratory, laboratory reliability test lab, lighting product development, lab and other professional research and development institutions, every year in research and development expense accounts for the proportion of sales revenue is more than 5%. The company and zhejiang university of technology jointly established the zhonzhou optoelectronics - zhejiang university of technology joint research and development center; With the China institute of metrology, China science dean spring machine, Beijing chemical institute, hangzhou normal university and other colleges and universities and research institutions set up a partnership, joint research on major technical problem. Relies on the abundant technical research and development strength, the company has undertaken the national 863 plan project, national torch plan project, national small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund projects, advanced manufacturing industry in zhejiang province science and technology innovation LED special projects and key projects of science and technology innovation of hangzhou national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects, has made a series of scientific research achievements, the company more than a decade have over 60 authorization of the patent.

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