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Nominal Luminous Flux Of Incandescent Lamps
Dec 28, 2017

Operating at the rated voltage, the light bulb radiation is rated luminous flux, generally refers to the light bulb after the initial luminous flux, to LM as a unit. For certain bulbs, such as reflective bulbs, you should also specify the luminous intensity in a certain direction.

Because of the change of filament shape, vacuum degree (or gas purity), the evaporation of tungsten filament and adhesion to the inner wall of the bulb, the luminous flux will decay in the course of use. The convection of gas in an inflatable incandescent lamp makes the evaporating tungsten not uniformly dispersed in the glass shell as the vacuum incandescent lamp, and concentrates on the top of the lamp (the way the lamp is mounted), and the optical attenuation is better.

The ratio of the luminous flux to the initial luminous flux of the lamp after a given ignition time is known as the luminous flux maintenance rate, usually expressed as a percentage.