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The Advantages Of Incandescent Lamps
Dec 28, 2017

1, light source small, inexpensive, with a wide range of shade forms, and equipped with light racks, ceilings and wall installation appliances and concealed devices.

2, the universality is big, the color variety is many, has the directional, the scattering, the diffuse and so on many forms.

3, can be used to strengthen the object three-dimensional, the light of the incandescent lamp is closest to the sun color, color, good, uniform spectrum without abrupt. The spectrum of incandescent lamps (including halogen lamps) is continuous and average, with excellent color performance advantages, and fluorescent lamps, LED is discrete spectrum, low color performance, low color light source will not only make people think color is not good-looking, health and eyesight is also harmful. Traditional bulbs also have the advantages of dimming, resistance to point extinction and mercury-free. Incandescent lamps have an advantage that most other types of light-emitting products do not have, that is, suitable for frequent start-up occasions.

4, incandescent and halogen tungsten lamp comparison, halogen tungsten lamp and general incandescent light efficiency compared to low, small size, easy to light control, high color gamut, good color, especially suitable for television relay lighting, graphics, photography and buildings, such as the flood of light. But the manufacture is convenient, the cost is low, starts fast, the line is simple, is adopted massively.