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The Disadvantages Of Incandescent Lamps
Dec 28, 2017

Incandescent lamps are the least efficient in all electric lighting. It consumes only about 2% of the energy that can be converted into light energy, while the rest is dissipated in the form of heat energy. As for lighting time, the life of the lamp usually does not exceed 1000 hours. At this point, halogen lamps are much longer than conventional incandescent lamps.

Halogen lamp shape is generally a small quartz glass tube, and incandescent compared to its particularity lies in the tungsten wire can be "self-regeneration." In fact, there are some halogen elements, such as iodine and bromine, in the filament and glass enclosure of the lamp. When the filament heats, the tungsten atoms are vaporized to the glass tube wall. As they approach the glass tube, the tungsten vapor is "cooled" to about 800 ℃ and combined with the halogen atoms to form a tungsten halide (tungsten iodide, tungsten bromide). The tungsten halide moves in the center of the glass tube and falls onto the corroded filament. Because the tungsten halide is unstable, it breaks down into halogen vapors and tungsten when heated, so that tungsten is deposited on the filament to make up for the evaporated part. This cycle, the filament life will be extended a lot. Therefore, halogen lamp filament can do relatively small, light body is also very small. Halogen lamps are generally used in places where light is needed, such as for a desk or part of a room.