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The LED Industry Has Turned A Corner
Jun 27, 2018

LED industry core financial data improvement is obvious, the industry trend is solid and reliable

From the LED industry companies in 2017 annual reports and quarterly reports. 1, 2017, the core of financial indicators of listed companies are all showed a trend of significant improvement, the core index including ROE, scale and growth, belong to the female net profit and revenue growth and gross margin, net profit and operating cash flow, etc. The improvement of the core financial data of LED industry is obvious, proving that the trend of LED industry is solid and reliable.

According to ping an securities research report, the downstream application value of leds in mainland China will reach 531 billion yuan in 2017, and the compound growth rate will reach 18.8% in the next three years. The value chain of With the continuous development and maturity of LED technology, the market competition has entered a heated stage. LED enterprises have adjusted their strategies to achieve a high point. "Evergrande, Evergrande, constant strength, survival of the fittest" in the LED industry shows incisively and vividly. The competition allows businesses to constantly think about their position, in addition to consolidate the position in the LED market competition, at the same time actively extending industrial chain, speed up the resources integration, to realize the optimization in upstream and downstream industry chain to become the new development trend.