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The Life Of An Incandescent Lamp
Dec 28, 2017

The life span of a bulb generally has two meanings: (1) Full life: Refers to the bulb from the beginning to use to ignite the failure, or according to a certain standard point to no longer use the cumulative time of the State, (2) under the prescribed conditions, the same batch life test light measured the average life of the arithmetic mean life. The life of the light source listed on the product sample generally refers to the average life, and the average life of the incandescent lamp is 1000 H.

Incandescent lamp life is affected by the power supply voltage, the power supply voltage increases, lamp life will be greatly reduced. The filament in the work process of varying the speed of the different (due to material or manufacturing reasons), in the local evaporation accelerated, the temperature of the place accelerated, or even evaporate quickly and eventually burned. Changes in the filament temperature make the lamp life and light efficiency change, the same light efficiency of the higher the life of the shorter.

The starting performance of incandescent lamp is good, from the voltage to the lamp to emit the nominal luminous flux, in just hundreds of milliseconds, the instantaneous transition current is about 7-10 times that of the rated current in such a short point of time, typically shortening the life span of the ignition cycle within hundreds of milliseconds to a few seconds 2-8%.