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The New Technological Process Evolution Of LED Filament Lamp
Jun 08, 2018

LED filament lamp has been developing for four years in a row, and its total output has exceeded N billion in 2016. LED filament lamp adopts high voltage HVLED and small current driving technology, and innovates the design technology of LED light source and luminaire.

The technical threshold of LED filament lamp is not high, plus our strong promotion, the inclination to popularize the LED filament lamp design and manufacturing technology, the incandescent bulb factory and the consumer electronics factory all over the world are easy to join in the production of LED filament lamps. The world needs 9 billion incandescent lamps in the world. The LED filament lamp with energy saving and electricity saving can completely help upgrade the incandescent lamp and meet the needs of the world market.

The core technology of LED filament lamp is LED filament and constant current power supply chip. The present LED filament lamp is made up of "rigid straight filament LED filament + constant current drive power + glass core column + glass foam + lamp holder". In 2017, will this standard model be overturned? The new generation of ceramic arc LED filament, metal base, LED filament, metal based IC filament and flexible LED filament with arbitrary bending shape have been born. And enter the industrial production.

Metal based IC filament may make the filament lamp save the current constant power supply, and may also change the filament layout design of filament lamps at present. The LED filament lamp directly driven by AC without AC/DC power is also pregnant. A new technological revolution of LED filament lamp is quietly proceeding.

Arc filament and graphene filament

The straight wire LED filament light distribution curve is butterfly spot, opens the straight filament LED filament lamp, under its lamp will appear the dark area and the periphery bright. However, the distribution curve of arc filament LED filament lamp is full moon shape, and there is no dark area below arc wire LED filament lamp.

The metal cornerstone filament filament is a binding LED lamp chip on the side of the metal substrate, coated with yellow green phosphor, making the blue light of the blue LED bulb striking the yellow green phosphor and making white light. The other side of the metal substrate is coated with graphene. Using the graphene coating, the heat from the metal substrate is quickly radiated out. The improvement of the LED filament lamp only depends on the single way of helium heat conduction and the use of glass bubbles to divert heat.

IC filament

The IC filament is directly bound to the filament substrate by the constant current IC chip. The constant current IC is directly connected with the N LED bead chip on the filament substrate and becomes a new type of electronic LED filament with the current of the self controlled filament.

Due to the large dispersion of the LED beads in mass production, even if we make an effort to match the LED filament production, we can not guarantee the filament of mass production, and the VF of each one is exactly the same. A few LED filament VF, which are different, are combined in a light bulb, powered by a constant current power supply, and the VF small filament will get a little more current, and the time is long, and the VF small LED filament will have light decay first.

This is a recessive cancer of LED filament lamps at present. It is also a difficult technical problem for COB filament.

The constant current IC chip is directly combined into the filament and is combined with the LED lamp chip to form a new generation of COB filament with IC. LED filament was originally a passive COB device produced by LED packaging plant. After adding a IC constant current control chip, the IC filament made the LED filament from the passive device to a new generation of active electronic devices because of the electronization of the IC filament. The LED filament can control the current automatically and keep the roots constant. No more demanding for VF!

Perhaps the LED filament lamp therefore saves the AC/DC constant current power supply. With the IC LED filament, the LED filament lamp can become the real electronic incandescent lamp.