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The Plan Emphasizes
Jul 11, 2018

The plan emphasizes that it will strengthen the driving force of demand end and accelerate the promotion of LED products. LED lighting products in demand for traction, driven all around in public institutions, urban public lighting, transport, industry and service industry, households and special applications in emerging areas such as promotion, to improve market share of LED lighting products. In 2020, the promotion target of LED high-efficiency lighting products includes: public institutions take the lead in following the example, and the promotion and application of 300 million LED lighting products; We will promote the transformation and demonstration of lighting in urban public lighting, and promote 15 million LED street lamps/tunnel lights. The market share of urban road lighting applications is more than 50%. To strengthen the promotion and application of transportation; Promote LED applications in factories, shopping malls, supermarkets and office buildings, and promote 1.5 billion LED lighting products.