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What Are The Categories Of LED Bulbs?
May 23, 2018

LED bulbs, as you say, are divided into three broad categories: spherical and pointed, and light cup.

Spherical: 1. Single surface luminescence, the lower part is a plastic shell or aluminum shell (some of which have a very small curved surface, which looks like an inverted trapezoid);

2. Ring + top luminescence, commonly known as corn blisters, because the small yellow point structure of the shape is very famous for corn;

3. The trigeminal shape, which is also the luminescence mode of the corn bubble, is more scientific than the corn bubble, so it is more popular at present.

The lamp cup type: basically is the product that is worn out tooth, be like to shoot lamp cup, limit a lot of, so already close to be eliminated;

Sharp: 1. Light emitting light (similar to spherical, pointed + lens);

2. Trigeminal shape (ibid.);

3. Chrome-plated three surface luminescence, this very high grade, luminous efficiency is good, but the top does not have the luminous point;

4. The candle type, which is the tip bubble with a tail, is basically the same as the spike;