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What Are The Dimensions And Specifications Of Led Bulbs?
Jun 02, 2018

Lamps and lanterns are everywhere in our life, led lamps are one of them. Is led light-emitting diode, led lamps and lanterns is a kind of energy-saving lamps and lanterns, its service life is longer than other lamps and lanterns, led lamps and lanterns is very widely used, such as home, gym, hotel and other places are used to the led lamps and lanterns. There are many kinds of led lamps, such as led ceiling lamps, led wall lamps, led lamps, etc. There are many specifications of led bulbs. Different specifications of led bulbs have different sizes. What about the size and specification of led bulbs? Today, we will introduce the size and specifications of led bulbs.

Led bulb size - an introduction to led bulbs

LED = Light Emitting Diode (Emitting Diode) is a solid semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into visible Light and converts it directly into Light.

Current status of led energy-saving bulbs led lighting is still dominated by high-power white led single lamp. Led lighting is a general term for led lamps. With the further maturity of led technology, led will achieve more and better development in the design and development of bedroom lighting lamps. Bedroom lamps and lanterns of the 21st century will be designed with led lighting bulb design for the mainstream, and fully embody the energy saving, health, art and human development trend of lighting, the bedroom lights culture has become the dominant.

LED bulb bulb adopts existing interface methods, such as screw (E26, E27, E14, etc.), socket (B22, etc.), and even imitates the appearance of incandescent bulb to meet people's usage habits. Based on the principle of LED unidirectional luminescence, the designers changed the structure of LED bulb lamps so that the distribution curve of LED bulb lamps is basically the same as that of the point light source of incandescent lamps.

Led bulb size - led bulb size and specifications

(1) u-type tube energy-saving lamp: the tubular shape includes: 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, 8U, etc., and the power ranges from 3w-240w and other specifications.

(2) 2U and 3U energy-saving lamps with pipe diameter of 9mm-- 14mm. Power generally ranges from 3w to 36w. Mainly used for civil and general commercial lighting. Used as a direct substitute for incandescent lamps.

(3) 4U, 5U, 6U and 8U energy-saving lamps with pipe diameter of 12mm-- 21mm. The power generally ranges from 45w to 240w. Mainly used for industrial and commercial lighting. In the use of direct substitution: high - pressure mercury lamp, high - pressure sodium lamp, T8 straight - tube fluorescent lamp.

(4) screw tube energy-saving lamp: screw ring diameter, small ring diameter and large ring diameter. The small ring diameter is generally around 50mm, and the large ring diameter is generally around 100mm.

(5) the number of spiral rings is as follows: 2 and a half circles, 3 and a half circles, 4 and a half circles, 5 and a half circles, 6 and a half circles, 7 and a half circles, and 8 and a half circles.