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What Are The Specifications And Parameters Of Led Lights?
Jun 02, 2018

1. LED solid cold light source, mainly used in the following four aspects: A signal indication, almost 99% of the signal in the use of LED now, is characterized by short response time, small energy consumption, long life, but the brightness demand is not high

B flat display use, mainly in LED display and LCD back light source (under 13 inch, now more than more use FCCL) is characterized by low energy consumption, long life, do not contain mercury, but the higher requirements of brightness, color also have certain requirements.

C. Landscape lighting, such as LED, urban lighting project, etc.

D. General lighting, which is still in its infancy due to the cost, should first be used for lighting in cars and for public use, such as street lamps and tunnel lighting. (due to its good stability, long life and good color rendering)

LED parameters are divided into optical parameters (luminous intensity, luminous flux, radiation intensity, wavelength, color temperature, color purity, half wave width, etc.), electrical parameters (threshold voltage, forward current, the forward voltage drop and reverse current, the reverse breakdown voltage, switching time, capacitor), thermal parameters (junction temperature, thermal resistance, shell temperature), and other useful life, safety performance parameters, etc. Different application domains will pay different attention to parameters.

Workspace (LED) 2. Due to the PN junction fever to cause a decline in the life of the LED and even destroyed, and the heat and is proportional to the square of the current, so the use of current limiting resistor to protect the LED by general large current shock, as for the 9 v, 12 v how to answer the need to know the LED forward current rating of the specific size, different LED parameter value is different, cannot treat as the same. At the same time, LED and current limiting resistor are usually connected to the circuit.

3. Red (R), green (G) and blue (B), different color difference is the different wavelengths of light in the optical wavelengths (frequency) area, can stimulate the visual nerve of the human eye is different and let a person feel different colors, with different energy, energy from high to low order (BGR). For leds, different materials form different energy levels, and electrons move from high energy levels to low energy levels to radiate light waves of corresponding energy. Therefore, different colors of LED have different materials inside the chip, which is different threshold voltage in appearance. And white light is a kind of complex light, it is two or more light synthesis, now the white LED is the mainstream of yellow phosphor with blue LED white light, use RGB 3 chip structure, but the cost is higher, with few.

The amount of luminescence mainly depends on the size and packaging of the chip. Nowadays, the internationally advanced light can reach 800ml of a single lamp, which is roughly equivalent to a 60W ordinary light bulb.

4.LED soft lamp tube + corresponding power module

5. The life of LED refers to that the evaluation standards of LED industry have not been unified, and it is generally believed that reducing the light output of LED to the initial 50% is the life of LED (LED display is 30%).

The amount of luminescence mainly depends on the manufacturing and assembling mode of the chip.

6. Multiple connections in the circuit are serial connections, and each connection has advantages and disadvantages:

The series brightness is uniform, but the voltage requirement is high, and the system stability is poor (one bad all-out).

The shunt voltage requirement is low, the system is stable, but the brightness is uneven, the current requirement is high.

It's largely a matter of demand.

7. Suggest DIY after understanding the features

8. The background light of the mobile phone is LED, which is characterized by its small size

9. Direct drive current of LED requires dc, and reverse current is fatal to LED. Therefore, 220V ac power used in LED lighting requires rectification, variable pressure, limiting current and other power modules to be used. Knowledge of an electric blanket may be handled simply by adding a rectifier block (something black) and a current limiting resistor.