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What Is The Difference Between The LED Bulb And The Energy Saving Lamp?
May 21, 2018

Energy saving lamp is the original abbreviation for CFL (compact fluorescent lamp), which is mainly compared with the original incandescent bulb.

LED light bulb refers to the use of LED as the light bulb, its light efficiency is also very high, is the current new type of light bulb, there is a trend to replace the CFL, in recent years, some lighting shows are also the basic display of the LED lamp.

At present, the luminous efficiency of CFL is slightly lower than that of CFL, and the general luminous efficiency of 50-65lm/W is at the same time. LED itself has high light efficiency, most of the current in the 100-130lm/W, but because of the LED luminescence angle and other problems, the light effect of the whole lamp is about 65-80lm/W, the difference between the two is not too big, but the same light volume of CFL and LED is generally about 2-4 times, the power price difference is less, the power difference is larger The life span between the two is slightly higher than the LED energy saving lamp, the nominal life of the CFL is at 6000-12000h, and the nominal life of the LED is at 10000-20000h, and these comparisons are only compared to some exports to the EU or North America. Due to the uneven quality of the products sold in China, no detailed assessment can be made. But the best life expectancy is the general order of export orders (which include the so-called international brand Philips, OSRAM, etc.).

For the problem of visual impairment, incandescent bulbs are better than CFL and CFL is better than LED. In particular, most of LED's current internal LED lamps do not pay attention to the effect of LED on vision, and deliberately reduce the loss of light effect between the LED light source and the whole lamp so as to make the whole light have higher light efficiency, light volume and other data, and use a single level PFC line (with high ripple, easy to make eye fatigue) to meet our national customs clearance. The first class standard of the lamp, the price requirement of the last flow.