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A19 led filament bulb is also called A60 LED filament bulb. 19 means 19 times of 1/8 inches, which can be calculated like this 19*1/8 * 25.4 60mm.

A19 led filament bulb power ranged from 4W to 10W, and the glass cover can be crystal clear, milky, amber, frosted. And the frosted can be inside the glass or out of the glass.

Another special type A19 called AT19, which means the A19 bulb with a teardrop on the top of the glass cover.

LED filament bulb is also widely known as led Edison bulb, vintage led Edison bulb, led filament light, etc.

You can see our quality clearly from the video below.



LED filament bulb as the new fashion of the lighting industry, it’s well known all over the world. It’s especially popular among those vintage fans.

Here below is a video of our factory how to product a led filament light.